About me…

Hello, I’m Carol – a practicing therapist and author of ‘The Resilience Template‘.

My professional qualifications are in EFT, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, NLP and Reiki. I am fully qualified and accredited in all these therapies.

I am a mum of three grown up children. I am also a former teacher and I worked for twenty years in pastoral roles in schools.

I retrained as a therapist after searching for ways to help me resolve a 4-year bout of insomnia. At it’s worst, I was sleeping an hour a night. At the time I had no idea that it was linked to anxiety and stress. Instead I had three MRI’s in one year as the doctors looked for a medical cause. When the medical profession said that they could not help me I was devastated.

When I picked myself up, I went down the holistic therapy route.  

Imagine my surprise when within a few hours of using EFT, my insomnia was on the way to being resolved.  At the same time all of the pain caused by having five prolapsed discs, in my neck and lumbar regions, and a diagnosis of dystonia, disappeared.  I was a disabled Blue Badge holder at the time and I gave up my badge straightaway.

I was probably a very sceptical person at the time. I was certainly at the point where life was a constant struggle. But once I had the results that I had experienced I knew that I had to pass this on and, help others. Nobody ever explained to me what stress is and, what it can do to a person physically. 

Now that I know this, I want to share it with everybody. I am constantly learning, training and writing. There is so much to do. But the best thing that I do is I give my clients a tool box of information and techniques and they change their own lives and their family’s lives.  

Anxious, stressed people are not broken. We’re not going mad, although it sometimes feels like it. We’re not weak people. We are simply stuck.  

Please get in touch and let me help you get unstuck.

You may prefer to have online sessions over Skype, Zoom or FaceTime, which means that we’re able to work together more flexibly at a time that right for you. When we work online I am still able to provide recordings and resources for you to use outside the session.

We can work together face to face at:

  • Rosebank Wellbeing Centre,  Northwich, Cheshire CW9 5DY.
  • Hanover House, The Roe, St Asaph, Denbighshire LL7 0LT.

Equally, I’m happy to work over Skype, Zoom or the phone.