Local courses

In addition to 1-1 sessions, I offer the two courses described below. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Resilient Mind Gym


This is a course to teach techniques and approaches to deal with anxiety and stress. I offer it to groups of up to 10 people, for 1 hour a week over 8 weeks. I run this course at various venues in and around Northwich in Cheshire and I regularly host free taster sessions.

I also offer a Corporate or Workplace version of this course.

Poster for Resilient Mind Gym.

Change your relationship to food


This is a course to teach techniques and approaches to improve your relationship to food. Many people eat for emotional reasons rather than hunger. Addressing these reasons leads to a reduction in eating and positive health benefits. I offer this one-to-one over five sessions.

We can also use Hypnotherapy and EFT to explore how your responses to stress developed. Once we have identified the early events that caused these responses, we can use the same techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and create new positive responses.

The process can be extremely quick when you consider that we are dealing with things that you have likely carried with you for decades.

Carol Hickson Therapy - Change your relationship to food image