Chronic pain OLD

Chronic Pain has been defined as any pain lasting more than twelve weeks. It differs from acute pain which is a normal sensation that alerts us to a possible injury.

However, pain and suffering are not the same. Suffering is the story that we develop around the pain. This occurs when I remember what the pain has been like in the past, how having such damage limits me, how I felt at its worst and how the pain makes me feel about the future. Such thoughts are often not conscious.

With chronic pain, emotion and actual physical pain become interwoven and as the stress mounts physical symptoms resurface.

We can use various techniques to explore not only the physical pain, but what was happening emotionally in your life when it started and what has happened since. Often there is a correlation between events, emotions and pain. Dealing with these events and emotions will help deal with the pain.

My own back pain, the result of multiple broken discs, changed dramatically in two Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Whilst we are all individuals, and situations differ, this is not an unusual response in my experience.

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