Here are some resources that I have put together. You are welcome to download them for free. I really hope they are useful to you.

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Anxiety PDF Download

Anxiety affects individuals in different ways at different times. This booklet gives some guidance on effective ways to manage and minimise it.

Body-scan Hypnotherapy MP3 Download

This is a hypnotherapy body-scan that you can use to relax, ground and re-centre yourself.

Sleep PDF Download

Sleep is key to our health. It is an issue that is close to my heart as my own healing journey started with sleep problems. This booklet gives some guidance on effective ways to support your sleep health.

2020 Autumn Newsletter

Here's my 2020 Autumn Newsletter. Thought it would be a good way to stay in touch during these challenging times.

2020 Summer Newsletter

Here's my 2020 Summer Newsletter.

2021 Spring Newsletter

Here's my 2021 Spring Newsletter.

2021 Summer Newsletter

News about my new book...and the stress bucket!

2022 New Year Newsletter

Concerning New Year's resolutions...amongst other things.