My approach

My approach will be tailored to you and the problem you want to address.


In each session we may use one or more therapies; hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, reiki, mindfulness or life coaching. In my experience using them in combination produces a quicker and more effective result.


If a problem is so difficult you cannot talk about it, we can find other ways to work with it. My sessions are safe and non-judgemental, and you always have control. My goal is to not only help you with a specific issue or issues, but for you to leave me with a toolbox of useful techniques that you can apply in the future.


I offer the following therapies:


- Clinical Hypnotherapy

- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)

- Mindfulness coaching

- Life coaching

- Reiki


Whilst these therapies can be used stand-alone, my preference is to combine them. This produces permanent results more effectively, and often more quickly.


Within these therapies I use a combination of further techniques including:


- Mindful awareness

- Eye movement desensitisation

- Neuro Linguistic Programming

- Positive affirmation

- Reframing

- Imagery

- Visualisation

- Inner Child Work

Therapy Room with armchairs.