Welcome to my website I help people struggling with anxiety and stress to rebuild their resilience.   



People dealing with anxiety often have a range of symptoms including panic attacks, breathlessness, brain fog, heart palpitations, nausea, upset stomach, restlessness, and sleep issues.  Often they just can’t stop worrying.

I know these symptoms can be debilitating because I have experienced them, but they are normal stress response reactions.  


I can help you manage your symptoms and develop better coping mechanisms. 


Whatever the problem, why not call me today and let’s talk about how we can move you forward?  



My new book ‘The Resilience Template – 7 Steps to Improve your Mental Health’ has just been published. 




“Increased strength, confidence and focus led me down a new path…I thank you so much for making this possible…your contribution to enabling me to do this can never be underestimated.”

LM Cheshire



Therapy Room with armchairs.


For face to face sessions I work from my beautiful, dedicated room at my home in central Northwich, Cheshire.

Online, I can work with you over Skype, Zoom or the telephone.


What you can expect...

Our sessions will be tailored to you and the problem you want to address. Some people think that therapy takes a long time, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Research says that it takes between 3 and 4 months to embed new habits.  Think of that!  You can transform your life in a few months!

I am qualified in several modalities and I will help you build an effective toolbox of techniques which will help you in any situation.  The exciting thing is you will very quickly see results. 

If a problem is so difficult you cannot talk about it, we can find other ways to work with it. My sessions are safe and non-judgemental, and you always have control. My clients think of me as their biggest cheerleader helping them to create all the changes they want to see in their life.


Motivational workshops and Public speaking:

Stories often paint a clearer picture and I am always delighted when asked to share my own journey back to health and mental resilience.


My Areas of Speciality

My Trustpilot reviews...

Carol is very knowledgeable and has some fascinating therapy techniques that really work. After just one session with her, I could feel the difference. I am not an open person and was anxious to try this but she put my mind at rest straight away and I’m looking forward to a few more to get myself thinking a lot straighter and coping better with stress in particular! Would highly recommend.
Carole Ann Robinson
Carole Ann Robinson
Carol was recommended to me by a friend as I am not a good sleeper because I have such a ‘busy mind’. Having tried many treatments over many years I decided to seek help as it was affecting my general well being. After my first session with Carol, she got right to the point. I have had a lot of grief and heartache in my life that I never really dealt with. It wasn’t as if I was made to relive my past just get more in touch with myself and try to accept the past and live in the moment. She made me think and question myself and take out for myself and learn some techniques to relax myself. I was a little apprehensive and didn’t want sessions to get too deep but I totally relaxed with Carol. She just ‘gets it’, never judgemental. If you have any problems or worries at all I am sure Carol can help you. Give her a try you owe it to yourself. I am looking forward to another session and I feel so much better already. Also I learnt to use zoom!
Carol is a fountain of knowledge and support. She is so easy to talk to and can easily relate to anything you want to work through or change in your life. I worked with Carol on mindfulness, managing anxiety, goal setting and effective boundary setting amongst other things. She helped me to leave an abusive relationship, work on repairing the damage caused and provided me with much valued advise and guidance. My journey with Carol really has been life changing!
Carol is an excellent therapist. After a few sessions working with her I feel much happier and able to manage my stress and anxiety. I recommend her highly.
Jinty Seaton
Jinty Seaton
I was highly recommend Crescent Therapy by a friend of a friend. I have used Carol’s therapy services for my son last year and was very pleased with the sessions and work Carol did with him. Carol is clearly highly experienced in her therapy and has a engaging, understanding, and a natural calm manner. I would highly recommend Carol.
Carol has equipped me with so many different techniques to aid relaxation and mindfulness. She explains clearly the theory behind each one, so that understanding and benefit go hand in hand. I would highly recommend sessions with Carol.
Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey
Carol is kind, understanding and very caring. She has helped me work through my struggles using relaxation techniques and mindfulness. If you feel you need a little help with any issue small or large I would highly recommend Carol and her technique’s. Thank you for helping me.



Years ago, I was a disabled blue badge holder chronically debilitated from five prolapsed spinal discs and dystonia.  

In a relatively short period, I lost my best friend, my wonderful grandmother, my partner and both parents.  I was also four years into the most exhausting bout of insomnia, sleeping most nights for only an hour or so. 

Add to this mix work related stress, unresolved childhood trauma and training as a Secondary school teacher and you have some idea of the muddle I found myself in. 

Despite three MRI scans and numerous attempts at medication, the medical profession couldn’t help. They were looking for a physical cause,

I only found resolution when I explored my own mental and emotional health.

The catalyst was December five years ago, I was involved in a car accident and my mother died unexpectedly on Christmas Day. 

Something had to change.


I took back responsibility from my doctors. I treated myself kindly. I stopped accumulating self-blame and I began to change my life one step at a time. And I’ve never looked back.

I can show you how to do the same. 

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