Lack of confidence and low self-esteem

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem result in us seeing ourselves, and everything else, in a negative, critical light. This can be harmful to your mental health and can lead to depression and anxiety.

It often begins in childhood. The brain tends to hold on to negative experiences and messages, reinforcing them as we grow up. This belief that we are not good enough then cements itself into our self-image. Traumatic events can reinforce these feelings.

Many of us hold ourselves to impossibly high standards which we unable to achieve and this then results in feelings of failure.

Using EFT and Hypnotherapy we can work together to remove the negative emotions, eliminate or re-frame negative self-beliefs, and create new positive responses. In this process we will also consider the role of forgiveness and self-compassion.

The process can be extremely quick, considering that often these are things that you will have carried for decades.

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