Stress affects everyone. It is a completely normal reaction when faced with pressure situations. In moderation, it is good for us and can motivate us to perform better. However, excessive stress causes people to feel overloaded, very tense or emotional, and inhibits performance.

Stress causes can be internal or external. External stressors can include traumas, difficult life experiences or simply daily hassles. Internal stressors are often the most common sources of problem stress. They are thoughts and feelings that cause you to feel unease, for example unrealistic expectations, fear or low self-esteem.

I will show you techniques to help you manage your feelings and to reduce the emotional response to stress. These techniques include breathing exercises, Mindfulness and EFT.

We can also use Hypnotherapy and EFT to explore how your responses to stress developed. Once we have identified the early events that caused these responses, we can use the same techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and create new positive responses.

The process can be extremely quick when you consider that we are dealing with things that you have likely carried with you for decades.

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